Some people just seem to lead the most blessed lives. But then again, some people seem to have lives that are just destined for tragedy. Sometimes, it’s both. This is the story of a young, beautiful, and very much in love couple, married for seven years before the unimaginable happened. But through the pain and the disaster, through heart-wrenching decisions and plenty of tears, there was a minor miracle. This is the story of a brave young woman who never gave up on the love of her life…

Beautiful Relationship, Tragic Accident

After seven years of marriage, everything had gone right for Danielle and Matt Davis. These high school sweethearts seemed to have been always destined to be together, and they were married within years of graduating. There was never a cloudy day for this beautiful pair, and after seven years of marriage, they were more in love than they had ever been. But in a cruel twist of fate, a single accident took their perfect life away.
A keen rider, Matt knew his precious motorcycles inside and out. Until this day, he had never had a single accident. Maybe all his good luck had run out, because this horrific collision was as bad as it gets. Although he was rushed to hospital immediately, the extent of his injuries to his body and brain meant that there wasn’t much that the doctors could do. Matt slipped into a coma, and the doctors told Danielle that Matt would never wake up…

She Defies Them All

Now on life support, Matt was given a 10% chance of surviving his awful injuries. With heavy brain trauma and several broken bones, his body was simply too damaged to live. The hospital only recommended one course of action, and that was to let him go and pull the plug on the life support. But Danielle refused. She knew that Matt had so much more in him. “We didn’t really have a chance to start our life together,” Danielle said at the time. “I wasn’t going to give up.”
So she didn’t. With the help of her mother, Danielle took over all the carer’s duties for Matt. For months Matt was completely unresponsive, and for months Danielle did everything for his comatose body. Changing the sheets and giving him medicine, feeding him through a tube, cleaning him daily – there was nothing that Danielle wouldn’t do for Matt. She refused to let him go. And then, a miracle.
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