In 2008, about 50 images posted with the first-hand account of a visitor who had spent a few months in India, had gone viral in China. Many Chinese forums and columns published them. The images are disturbing, but not for the government and Indian people except some activists and NGOs. Surprisingly, the images depicting ugly side of India did improve sanitation condition in China. China has its own flaws, but it can’t be denied that Indian aren’t treating scared river as it should be. On the other hand, Indians don’t mind such embarrassment or they don’t actually know how India is perceived by rest of the world.


India enjoys an image of the ancient civilization with spiritual values. There is no country in the world like India when it comes to cultural and social diversity. Tourist is nuts for places like Varanasi. Every state has something unique to offer to tourists. From the Himalayas in the north to the costs in the south, from billion dollar buildings to poverty-stricken slums, India makes a perfect destination for those who seek exposure to world’s biggest and successful democracy.



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