It was International Women’s Day yesterday The day is celebrated across the globe to acknowledge and honor the achievements and contributions of women in their respective fields or for the betterment of the society at large. This Women’s Day, Indian skipper Virat Kohli shared a special and thought-provoking message for all the men and women out there.


Virat took to his Twitter account and shared a video in which he can be seen elaborating, how women are not equal to men but are better than equal to them. Clad in a casual blue tee with ‘Stay Strong’ written on it, Virat says, “Men and woman aren’t equal. I really wish we were. Honestly, the fact is, it’s easier to be one than the other. Sexual harassment, discrimination, sexism, domestic abuse and threats of violence…and the list goes on. Despite all of this, women rise and shine in all walks of life. Still, think they’re equal? No, they’re better than equal. To all the woman all around the world, I wish you all a very happy Women’s Day.”


Furthermore, Virat captioned the video writing, “Tag the extraordinary woman in your life who is #BetterThanEqual” and he tagged wifey, Anushka Sharma. We’ve previously witnessed on numerous occasions how Virat has stood by Anushka’s side, be it the haters trolling Anushka and blaming her for his performance on the field, or be it supporting her choices, including her home production films. And by tagging Anushka in his message, Virat once again expresses how strongly he feels that Anushka is the extraordinary woman in his life.

Watch the video right here:


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