15+ Awesome and Most Amazing Websites (2018) to Visit When Bored AF



Awesome and Most Amazing Websites (2018)

Whats going on guys? we are back with another top list. Today, we are going to tell you about 18 cool and most interesting websites on the internet to pass time if you are getting bored or in a mood of checking something interesting and unique on the web. There are millions of websites on internet but here we collected the 18 most amazing websites.

1. TwoFoods
Two Foods is a food comparison tool that compares the nutritional data of two food items, so you can make healthier food choices. It couldn’t be any easier to use, enter a food item then enter another food item in the box to the right, then click on compare. You can also compare food from restaurants as well. Which one is healthier? a Big Mac from McDonald’s or a Whopper from Burger King? It looks like the Big Mac is the healthier of the two but not by much. When in doubt, when you can’t decide between two food choices, check out TwoFoods.

2. Madeon’s Adventure Machine
This is one of the coolest website on the internet. It will let you feel like a DJ, You can create your own electronic music with just a few clicks. Once you open the site you will see some small square buttons in 3 different colors. At First, press one of the blue squares, these are the drum loops, only one will play at a time, you can click on other blue squares to change drum loop. Now, press one of the red squares, these are the bass loops, only one will play at a time. Next, press one of the green squares, these are the sounds, up to 3 can play at a time. Now click on random squares to change drum loops, bass loops, and sounds. Cool, right? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

3. Windows93
For the second one we welcome you to experience the Windows93, This can be the best way to kill your boredness, am sure it will make you happy if you are coming from a windows ecosystem. This website lets you use the Windows93 on your browser, Which means you can use pretty much every software and games that you had experienced in old days. It’s not real but it gives me a lot of good old memories back hope you will experience the same.

4. Find the Invisible Cow
Find the Invisible Cow is another interesting site which offers an interesting game, a game that we probably might not experienced before. So simply click inside the website and you will hear the noise of the invisible cow, Which you will hear continuously each time when you click. If you hear a loud noise when you click it means the cow is somewhere nearest your cursor and if its low sound means its away. If you are smart enough you can track down the invisible cow within seconds.

5. The Faces of Facebook
This site is pretty straightforward, it shows all the Facebook profiles on a single page and its by far one of the most interesting site I have visited so far. You can randomly click somewhere on the site and it will show you stranger’s profiles that you haven’t seen before if you want you can send him or her a friend request using your FB account. Relax these guys are not breaking any Facebook privacy rules according to them because they claim they don’t store anyone’s private information, pictures or names.

6. Stranger Meetup
As the name indicate this site will let you chat with strangers across the globe anonymously, If you feel bored and want to chat with somebody this is the one for you, no sign-up or payment required, feel free to chat with anyone right away.

7. Gravity is Fun (Gravity Points)
It is a strange thing I have seen on a website so far. I would like to call it some kind of cosmic activity. Once you are on the site click anywhere to create a mass, now click near to it and they two attract each other and create a single mass. Go to this site and have fun with gravity.

8. Hacker Typer
Type like a hacker in your computer from this website. Open this website in your browser and press keyboard keys randomly, and this will convert those keystrokes into some hacking codes spoof for each time when you pressing a random key. I can compare this viewing experience similar to a traditional Sci-Fi movies hacking scene. You can press the alt button to see the ultimate hacking message “ACCESS GRANTED”.

9. Type Drummer
Just type in something and it will make your letters beat. I don’t know how it works but they have done a good job. This interesting site lets you play drums while typing letters, so go on and kill your boredom.

10. Geo Guessr
Geoguessr is a game for those who do care about geography and have some serious knowledge on it. The game is simple as it sounds, the player needs to guess places shown on the site by simply selecting the guess as their answer from the map. This game is completely based on Google Maps, The game is available to play in 2 different modes – Single player and Challenge Mode. I see on the challenge mode it must be some kind of online multiplayer, But I haven’t tried it yet hope you will figure it out.

11. Youtube Map Explorer
Youtube Map Explorer is a very unique site which provides service that we might not seen before. You can explore Youtube on a Google Map. You can just click on any specific or random location on the map and it will show you a video that uploaded from the particular location. So it’s a new way to interact and explore new videos on Youtube. You can also switch between latest and classic mode by simply clicking on the switch on the upper left corner. It’s a way to choose whether you want to watch a newly uploaded video or vice versa when you click on a location.

12. Chill the Lion
Chill the Lion is a cool CSS experiment. Once you are on this site the lion will follow your cursor which is actually transformed to your fan at this point. To start the fan you can click and hold the left mouse button, now point the fan from any direction or distance towards the lion to chill him up.

13. Stars
Have you ever thought to zoom in around to our galaxy from our computer browsers? Well, it is possible now. Go to Stars (Chrome experiments) and experience our galaxy in a new way. It contains our entire galaxy on a single page, you can zoom in around and find things you have never seen before. You can find detailed description about a particular star or planet by just clicking on them or they have the audio tour option which will take you to several places and levels in our galaxy and show you around with some serious explanations. This site is packed with tons of information that is ready to be consumed. So start exploration and gain some serious knowledge.

14. 10 Minute Mail
This website is a disposably mail service for beating spam, or rather we can say it’s a temporary email service which lasts only for 10 minutes from the moment you enter the site. If you don’t want to give your real email id to someone for some reason, this site will help you. Goto this site and use randomly generated email for whatever purpose. It will help you to take a step forward to avoid spam, and if you want to use this service again just reload the web page.

15. Norse Attack Map
This site will let you see the live hacking attacks map in your computer screen. Sounds crazy, Right? but yes, its a kind of true. I didn’t know whether or not it shows you some CIA level stuff but I think it has a position on this list because it is simple, amazing and cool.

16. Evozi APK Downloader
This site will let you download official android apps into your pc directly. Just copy the package name or Google Play URL into the box for downloading the app. Once you pasted the URL click on the generated download link button and then you have to click on the newly generated green button and you will see the App file (Apk) will start downloading into your computer.

17. LiveATC
LiveATC Provides live air traffic control short for ATC, Broadcast from air traffic control towers around the world. So if you interested to know something about this kind of things its definitely another cool site.












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