Hima Das Farmer’s Daughter Creates History Facts You Need to Know About Her



Indian athelete Hima Das is the toast of the nation after winning the first ever Gold for India at an international track and field event. 18-year-old Hima Das won the 400m Gold in 51.46 seconds at the IAAF World U20 Championships in Finland

Hima Das, 18, the daughter of a rice farmer in Assam set a new benchmark for #India by being the first gold in an international track event . In 71 years of our existence as a nation, it is a #rural girl, who did not know what spikes were two years back to run to a historic moment of the nation. Hima Das is a lesson for India – especially the youth.
She was not born out of a cosy academy with renowned coach but a under-the-radar system of mentorship by Dronacharya who never aspired for monies, brands and accolodes. She toiled not like a princess in making but as a village girl, desperate to find a place for herself. And in a time when half our young sportstars are promoting liquor brands disguised as drinking water brands, her biggest contribution till now, was her struggle to make her village free from #liquor.

Hima is an example how sheer grit can overcome vertical obstacles of poverty and lack of facilities. She rightly said to her father (who was in India while she ran in Finland) – “While you all were sleeping, I rocked the world”
Her action has the power to awaken the ignited #spirit within us. Well done girl. Jai Hind.


Unforgettable moments from Hima Das’s victory.

Unforgettable moments from Hima Das’s victory. Seeing her passionately search for the Tricolour immediately after winning and getting emotional while singing the National Anthem touched me deeply. I was extremely moved. Which Indian won’t have tears of joy seeing this!

Posted by Narendra Modi on Friday, July 13, 2018


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